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Lillooet Wild is a partnership project between Lillooet Brewing Co. and Lillooet Naturalist Society. Lillooet Brewing Co. founder, Sam Quinlan, is an avid Ornithologist and has a deep love for the Lillooet region with its fascinating, diverse, biomes. As a member of Lillooet Naturalist Society, he envisioned this website as a partnership to enhance awareness of local species, highlight the efforts of those working to protect them and create a brand of beer that did the same.

Lillooet Naturalist Society

“To know Nature, and keep it worth knowing”

The Lillooet Naturalist Society (LNS) began in 2000 with a Christmas Bird Count, then moved onto placing houses at the Old Bridge for bats.  

In a few short years, this energetic group of overachievers formalized as a Society, joined BC Nature as a member club, and promptly hosted their fall meeting in 2005.

To secure an income, they produced a popular Hiking Guide, but not before significant consultation with the various local communities. This Guide has achieved various goals for the group: a slow, steady income, assisting healthy lifestyles for residents and visitors, increasing awareness of local flora and fauna and promoting responsible recreation.

Other activities include instigating a project that has become a popular walking trail, river access and natural habitat known as the Restoration Site, to acting as an umbrella to support other groups as they started out, such as Lillooet Region Invasive Species Society, Lillooet Off-road Cycling Association, Lillooet Agricultural Foods Society and, most recently, Lillooet’s Acting on Climate Change Together. The Osprey Webcam and Bat Box Condo, the Bluebird Nesting box programs are all projects they are proud of.

Public education is key to our vision. LNS usually holds two or four educational presentations a year and support community environmental efforts like National Pick-Up Week and the annual Shoreline clean up, to support environmental stewardship and educate. 

Collaborate makes work easier. LNS works closely with other businesses, communities and groups in Lillooet and beyond. The most recent example is this website, Lillooet Wild.

The LNS membership is about 60 people. A small-town group that dreams large and achieves goals.

Lillooet Brewing Company

Lillooet Brewing Company is passionate about wildlife as it is about making beer with the best ingredients sourced from organic and Canadian farmers. We created Lillooet Wild as a way to reach out beyond the can to give the world an opportunity to learn about our region’s rare and endangered wildlife. Every beer we make at our brewery in Lillooet is inspired by one of the many species that call Lillooet home. When you buy one of our products, you will get to know more about a bird, mammal, or fish species found in Lillooet. Find the little QR code on the can, scan, and begin your wild journey into Lillooet!

Funded By

Lillooet Wild was funded with a matched grant through a Marketing Initiatives grant  from the Northern Development Initiative Trust. The seed money came from Lillooet Brewing Co. and Lillooet Naturalist Society.