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Stellar’s Jay perched on a branch—Photo by Kyle Humber

With bringing awareness to local & endangered wildlife, we must also be respectful towards the land they call home.

Lillooet is located on the unceded territory of indigenous communities. The region is home to numerous First Nations communities, so it is equally important to respect them and their cultures when visiting the area.

Know whose land you’re on, and please be mindful of the people & wildlife when you are a guest in Lillooet. Follow this link to learn about the surrounding First Nations communities. Let’s make Lillooet Wild an endeavour to be proud of!

Thank You.

Lillooet Naturalist Society Projects

In addition to their own projects, the Lillooet Naturalist Society collaborates with dapibus nunc, mattis posuere magna. Vivamus volutpat ante ut augue suscipit eleifend.

Other Projects

Get Involved

Becoming a member of the Lillooet Naturalist Society (LNS) is your best way to learn more about the area’s wildlife and take part in important conservation efforts. Follow the link below to learn more about becoming a member.

About the Brewery

Lillooet Brewing Company is the town’s one and only craft brewery, specializing in drinkable & traditional beer styles made with hops and malt sourced directly from Canadian and organic farmers. Getting to know the producers of the ingredients is just as important to us as getting to know the wildlife that calls Lillooet home. Founders Sam & Sacha are crazy about wildlife; Sacha is an avid hunter and Sam is an ornithologist (he studies birds).  Our passions for wildlife run deep – that’s why we name each beer we make after one of the many rare or endangered species unique to our region. We created Lillooet Wild for those who want to go ‘beyond the can’ to learn, appreciate, and hopefully help protect what we love about Lillooet. A little QR code on each can marks the start of your journey into Lillooe wild!