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Flammulated Owl

Otus flammeolus

The Flammulated Owl, small at 15-18cm, is noticeable for two primary features: it has dark eyes, rather than yellow like most owls and its variable, grey to rufous feathers are also distinct. Sleeping during the day, at night, the Flammulated Owl takes flight from its roost to catch insects and the occasional rodent.

where it lives

Summers in the dry Douglas Fir/Ponderosa Pine with thick, shrubby understories, of which there are numerous examples in the Lillooet region. It nests in unlined natural cavities in open, mature coniferous forests, preferring Ponderosa Pine.

conservation concern

Deemed vulnerable, this species is threatened mainly by habitat loss through logging and wildfire suppression.

  • BC Breeding Bird Atlas
  • All About Birds website by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

What you can do

Build your own nesting box designed just for the Flammulated Owl!

You can also become a member of your local Naturalist club to learn more about the species around you. In Lillooet, that is the Lillooet Naturalist Society. To learn more, click here.

Become an Expert

To learn more and see pictures of flammulated owls, click here and here .

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