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Tailed Frog

Ascaphus truei

The tailed frog is member of the most primitive frog family in the world. Named for the “tail” on the males, which isn’t a tail at all – it’s actually used to inseminate females, when they breed in cold, mountain streams. Tailed frogs grow to about 5cm in size. They can’t vocalize and have pebbly, tan to chocolate brown or olive skin.

where it lives

Cold, clear, steep mountain streams on both sides of BC’s Coastal Range.

conservation concern

Tailed frogs are Blue Listed in BC, meaning they are at risk. Climate change predictions for Lillooet include hotter, dryer summers. Since these frogs need cold water to survive, warming waters put them at risk. As well, increased wildfire threats, grazing, logging ,run of river hydro-electric projects and road construction all may impact water quality in specific drainages.

  • BC Government
  • BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer

What you can do

Consider your environmental footprint: can you use less power (reducing need for run-of-river power projects), reduce your carbon footprint by walking or riding your bike more, instead of driving,  choose carbon neutral recreation, rather than motor-sports? If so, you might be helping the tailed frog, in addition to all species on the planet.

Become an Expert

Learn more about Coastal Tailed Frogs here.

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