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Mountain Bluebird

Sialia Currucoides

The spring return of the mountain bluebird is an eagerly awaited event in Lillooet. The shocking blue of the males, in flight or sitting on a fence post, is a sight not forgotten.

where it lives

Preferring open rangeland or fields, this thrush often catches insects on the fly. At rest, it typically sits on fence posts or treetops. Unlike other thrushes, these nest in tree cavities, preferring aspens, but also readily nests in boxes. To this end, the Lillooet Naturalist Society manages about 150 nesting boxes for these beautiful birds.

conservation concern

Mountain bluebirds have been affected by fire suppression, which allows forests to grow in on grasslands. The invasive European Starling also competes with them for nesting sites. While population numbers are going down, presently, they are not threatened or at risk.

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What you can do

Take out a membership with the Lillooet Naturalist Society and help support their Mountain Bluebird Box program.

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